About the Artists


Erich Onzik

Erich wrote the story and drew the pencils for "Rubbers."  He lives in NYC and writes all sorts of stuff including a few tidbits that appeared in the NY Times.  He wants to continue writing in all mediums.  He inhabits the bodies of human hosts until they've served their purpose.  He can be reached at urkzik@gmail.com.

jay P

In a perfect world, JP is a 5 time WWE World Champion who was rocketed to Earth from the dying planet Krypton.

In reality and addition to being laid back and cool, he’s an established freelancer whose clients range from Informa Healthcare to Meadowful productions. His first love is and has always been for Comics and Comic art since a child of 5 years old. Favorite artists range from Terry Austin to Windsoy McCay and a ton in between.

He can be reached at cavesketches@gmail.com.